Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tomorrow Back Home

We just returned from a walk in the Park across from the hotel. At 9PM it is not even dusk. The days are very long in summer. We came out of a movie at 10:30 the other night (The Simpsons--eh) and the sky was still purple with twilight.

Today was beautiful and sunny. We returned to the church we visited last Sunday. Quite enjoyed it. Then we drove to Howth. They were having the farmer's market we enjoyed last visit, but this time we were hungry! We dined on crepes, seafood chowder, bratwurst, a scone and middle eastern cookies. And we have a chocolate muffin to enjoy in a moment.

I'm looking forward to heading home, but feel the extent of all work ahead looming a bit. With the Bockelmans leaving so soon, life as we know it is changing quickly.

We're still excited about moving, but I'll be happy to be on the other side of that transition.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A week in Ireland

Sharon and I have been in Dublin for a week on business. I'm covering for Ronan and Sharon's been commuting down to Dell Cherrywood. We're also scouting locations and seeing what it's like to actually live here. The DART is 50 min from the Raheny station, bus-LUAS more like 1.5 hours. Maybe something better will materialize with a shorter commute.

The Raheny-Clontarf-Killester area definitely looks nice. Had some great Thai food in Raheny last night at Ruen Thai. They have a €22/person early bird special that includes a glass of wine, appetizers and choice of chicken and duck entrees. Duck! You'd never see that offered on a cheap prix fixe menu in the States. We loved the chicken entree, larb gai, and our waiter says only Thai normally order it. The duck was quite good, too.

I've sent off some emails to property owners to schedule viewings this weekend. No responses yet. Probably have to call.