Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wild Garlic

Today Bill found some wild garlic. (I won't say where!) He sauteed the bulbs, leaves and flowers, and served it on bread with our gazpacho for dinner, along with some olives, manchego and salchichon from Spain. The wild garlic definitely smells garlicky. The taste is fairly mild. The greens would have tasted stronger a month ago, but the flavor moves into the flowers as the plants grow. Wild boar and bears are fans.

Bill's i
n the kitchen at the moment making wild garlic and almond pesto.

Weekend Update: Sunny Skies

The weekend of April 18 & 19 brought lots of sun to Dublin. The bright days beckoned us to leave the apartment. Saturday we headed into City Centre to S. Great Georges Street. Georges Street is home to many popular restaurants--Havana, Cafe Bar Deli, Brasserie 66, Odessa. We lunched at a pleasant Japanese place called Yamamori. After a sushi fix, we strolled through the shopping arcade and visited an instrument shop to buy a music stand and guitar stand for Bill. [Note: was recently chastised (friendlily, mostly) for saying store instead of shop.] We wound up in the green and lay upon the grass. We then visited the Asian market to stock up on dumplings, and a surprising and happy find--Paprika Pringles (our favorite)!

On Sunday afternoon we took a picnic to our neighborhood park, St. Anne's. The sun was warm, but the breeze was cool, so we had keep rotating to stay comfortable.

The next Saturday, April 25, started out rainy, but turned nice by late afternoon. We visited the park again for a some duck watching, and also saw a heron.

We so enjoy having St. Anne's right next door.

On Sunday we attended church at the central location on Gardiner Street. The North and Central congregations met in the main auditorium. It's not quite finished, but it was exciting to get a glimpse of what is to come when all three congregations combine for the monthly celebration Sundays. Afterwords we brunched at The Mermaid Cafe on Dame Street. I had Eggs Norwegian--Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon instead of ham. Bill also had poached eggs with fish, smoked haddock. For dessert we had pecan pie, which was unlike the pecan pie we know, but instead a lovely pecan tart served with maple ice cream.

Easter Tulips

The tulips in St. Stephen's Green were perfect for Easter this year.

The pints were also quite nice.