Thursday, August 23, 2007

V. Busy Day

Today is a hive of activity at the homestead. Luke was trimming trees as I left for work this morning. Bob is starting on the tub replacement project. Our new laptop will be delivered. Tob is preparing for her road trip to Indiana. Kevin is maybe finding a moment or two to chill (probably not). Bill is monitoring all these goings-on while doing some repairs himself. Whew. I'm relaxing at the office.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Car Insurance

Getting car insurance in Ireland looked to be painful if not impossible. Most Irish insurers require the insured to have at least a provisional license, something I wouldn't have for awhile. Also, it is really, really expensive. I found some hints on how to reduce the cost, and one said it could reduce the yearly cost by 900 euros! What would the cost still be?

However, after some more research I found Geico. They will insure international drivers, and at very reasonable rates. I had to guess on a car to get a ballpark figure, but for a "reasonable" vehicle the third-party insurance will be only ~ $450. Not bad at all. One more thing off the research list.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

So now it begins...

We have so much to do in the next couple months: fixing things around the house, packing up stuff for storage, packing other stuff for shipping, having a huge garage sale, selling the house and cars, preparing the paperwork... Gawww!

We should rename our dog Toblerone "Papillon" (or perhaps Morris) as she's developed a taste and talent for escaping our backyard. We were gone a lot in July, so I guess she was looking for us. We bought some 12" square pavers last night and put them behind the fence. We'll see if it thwarts her attempts, but she's very crafty.