Friday, January 11, 2008

Tob - Blog 2

Hello All,
It is that time again, time for your favorite beagle to let you know how things are going here in Indiana. I remember Mom and Dad telling me that I should expect a change in the weather, but I never dreamed I would see so much snow or that it would be sooo cold. I will get to that in a minute.
First, I thought I would show a couple pictures of where I lounge here at the house. I have my fleece where I spend most of the day. I also spend time on the love seat, with my face hanging off of the seat. I get visits from Buzz (Buttercup) and Trevor. I enjoy it.
Trevor likes to take the remotes and move them all around the room. When I am not asleep, I watch him for fun.
Well, back to the weather. It didn't snow on Christmas, but we got about 6 inches a little after that. We also had an ice storm in early Dec, the next week we had 11 inches of snow. I have gotten tougher and can handle being out in the cold for a longer walk, but sometimes I just go outside, get my business done, and come back into the warmth. Here I am on one of my walks in the 6 inch snow. :)
And last but not least, we had a good Christmas. I watched as everyone opened presents and laughed and had fun, and then I got a couple presents. My first present was a large bone. It was softer with some yummy stuff in the middle. I devoured it. I think someone else was interested in what I got. :)

But my favorite present of all was an outfit. An outfit of my new FAVORITE college!!! Purdue University. I got a football jersey, number 00 that fit me to a T. I wore it all around the house and even posed for a few pictures with it on. I know that some out there are going to be a little surprised, maybe even upset to see that I have picked Purdue, but I live in Big 10 country and I now bleed black and gold! Go Boilers! Don't I look good in black? :)


Sharon said...

I agree that black and gold are better colors for Tob than red or orange. I'd like to say that we raised Tob to care more about the arts and literature than sports, but I think everyone knows she is a jock.

Celia said...

Tob seems to have adapted well to Midwestern conditions (snow, feline, tot, surrogates, etc.). I imagine she sank into the deep snow and had to leap about each step. Trevor will be using the remotes soon. Stay warm y'all!

mom Gunter said...

I was so happy to see "Super Beagle" Tob and her pals Trevor and Buzz. Tob you are an award winning writer. I am impressed. I really do think you look better in crimson though. It is such a beautiful contrast with your "Super Beagle" fur! Tell Kevin that you could really use four little boots for your feet. Maybe you could suggest to Kevin that he could make the boots out of the material in the black and gold jersey you are wearing and then you could wear a crimson jersey. love, grandma

KevinB said...

WOW~!!! Did you hear that Tob? They want to take your black and gold jersey and make it into socks or shoes or something? I think you would cry is something like that happened. :)
I'm sure she would wear a crimson tide jersey is someone bought it for her. Her closet is pretty bare at the moment.
She definitely is a super beagle. She leaps in and out of snow and loves to chase the cat around the house. Tons of excitement.

mom Gunter said...

I'll keep my eyes open for a crimson tide super beagle shirt. Those are the cutest pictures Kevin. Trevor is adorable.