Monday, February 25, 2008

Frosted Mini-Posts

  • When Scotland is playing Ireland in Dublin, you will see scores upon scores of kilts in City Centre--on men of all sizes, shapes and ages. Should have taken pictures, but that would have seemed touristy. Instead I just gawked.
  • Even though television and the cinema seem to be dominated by American fare, the bookstores maintain a strong presence of Irish writers.
  • We met a group from church for lunch yesterday at a food court in a nearby shopping center (anchored by one of the few 24-hour supermarkets). As we were walking in I said to Bill, "Couldn't we go somewhere more Irish, like a carvery?" I was kinda kidding. "This is Irish now," he replied.
  • The instructions on Bill's Nivea for Men tells shavers to "take a hazelnut-sized blob of gel on your palm." Hazelnut-sized! This unit of measurement would leave most US men blobless, I'm afraid. Although I understand folks in the Northwest are very hazelnut aware.
  • We really enjoyed having guests with some shared past and context. They were a welcome refreshment in the midst of all things new.
  • Now, the frosting: Brandy butter, a common Christmas-time shmear, is like butter cream frosting with brandy. Amazing! I would eat it on toenails.


mom Gunter said...

Hi Kids, It is 6:00 and I just got up. It is my day to counsel at choose life and teach an esl class tonight. We have more than 30 students now. Mostly Spanish but also from Iran and several from different parts of Africa. We are going to have a delightful day close to 70 degrees. A nice break from cold weather.

Kilts are cute but I don't know about brandy frosting on toe nails. love you

BillG said...

I follow the instructions on my shaving gel to the letter, but I have to convert hazelnuts to filberts in my head.

mom Gunter said...

Yeah I know what you mean son. Brazil nuts give me a problem too! love you

mom Gunter said...

Well I'm about to turn off my computer and head for choose life but I got to thinking about a filbert size bit of shaving jell. I still have filberts left from Christmas and they sure are tiny. It doesn't seem to me that would be enough to cover your beard. Oh! Well! bye for now!