Friday, March 21, 2008

A Peek at the Parade

A few sights and sounds from Dublin's St. Patrick's Day Parade.

The spectacle of the parade was more interesting than the parade itself. Tons of people, tons of green. We got to Dame street around 11:30. The parade started in Parnell Square at noon and turned onto Dame around 1:00. We stayed until nearly the end, I think. Our feet were numb from coldness and inactivity. By the way, the band in red, white and blue is Huntsville High (I think), a rival of Bill's high school alma mater. I didn't take any footage of Auburn U; the band in orange caps is from Illinois.

We ducked into a little cafe off Grafton for paninis. Very happy to eat sitting at a table and use indoor restroom facilities. We walked through St. Stephens, which was littered with folks in green amid the blooming daffodils and hyacinth. We heard a little music at the official céilí and wandered through the crowds waiting for carnival rides at Merrion Square. Sadly, there were no funnel cakes.

It was a beautiful day, especially when the sun was shining. The sun is starting to feel warm, so we know spring is near.

Every Dub we talked to said, "Yeah, you need to go to the parade. Once." And now we have!


mom Gunter said...

WOW!!!!!!!! I loved actually being able to see the St Patrick's Day Parade from Dublin, Ireland!!!!! You two are GREAT!!!!!!!!!

bockelmama said...

Interesting. I'm proud of you for enduring the festivities. :) Go color guard! Who were the little men in vests & hat jumping up and down? Looked like fun.