Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dinner in Azay-le-Rideau

After visiting the chateau in Azay-le-Rideau, we stopped by a sidewalk cafe for shelter from the rain and to drink some warm beverages. Then on to dinner at L'Aigle d'Or, the Golden Eagle, a small, bright restaurant located in a converted house. We had a delicious spring-themed meal, starting with a wonderful velouté de petits pois, fresh pea soup, with smoked chicken.

After our huge feast on Sunday, we all chose fish for our mains, which are not documented in picture or my memory. I do remember I had sesame crusted fish--quite good. Bill also has vague, but positive memories of his fish with tasty sauce and julienned vegetables. I was the only one who couldn't resist the cheese cart, although everyone was happy to share my choices, including some excellent Gruyere and reblochon. For dessert Kevin had a brownie with ice cream, Bill had a citrus madeleine with strawberry sauce and strawberry compote. Andrea and I both had strawberry sorbet encased in an almond meringue. This was a perfect dessert. The sorbet captured the essence of strawberry and the meringue was tender, not crumbly or dusty. Bill and I had a glass of a local wine with dinner, which was rather sweet, but went surprisingly well with the soup and fish.


Celia said...

I would like a strawberry sorbet encased in almond meringue right now. Instead I'v just had Blue Bell's coffee ice creeam which is pretty tasty.

mom Gunter said...

Oh! Wow! That Strawberry sorbet and almond Meringue looks luscious. I was getting ready to go to prayer meeting and Bible study when I saw the posts and I didn't have time to read them really good or enlarge the pictures. I am now home with a cup of tea and I am reading each one carefully and enlarging the pictures. Boy! That pea soup and smoked chicken still looks very very good to me too!!!! It was making me hungry before I left for church.