Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things You Won't See in Ireland

The adjacent picture is like a Highlights Hidden Pictures page of items I have not seen in a long time. How many can you find? Hot water corn bread! Yes! Large glasses of refreshing beverage (even if it is iced tea)! Very good. Do you see squash that looks mighty nice? Heck, even the liver and onions and greens look delectable, and I don't eat any of that stuff. Who can spot the gigantic bottle of pepper sauce? (I've yet to see pepper sauce in a pub.) How about, my mom! Happily, we will see my parents next month.

The featured soul food meal is my Dad's birthday lunch today at Sista, Sista, Sista. If you're ever meandering through South Arkansas or Northern Louisana, this restaurant is one of two reasons to visit El Dorado. (I forget the other one.) I really could do with some of the sista's cooking.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Can you bring me some corn bread?


mom Gunter said...

Your mom and dad are looking mighty fine!!!!!!!!!!!!! That meal sure looks good too!!!!!!!!!!

Charles said...

Thanks for B'day greetings! Soul food was good.

Sharon, I'm afraid security might think hot-water cornbread was plastic explosives concealed in our luggage.

You blog readers will recognize that we have caught B&S's propensity to take food pictures.