Saturday, November 8, 2008

Go East

I'm so glad Mom and Dad spent a few days on Ireland's west coast. After our world wind trip to the west with Peggy, I understand the allure of the other coast. But the east coast has its own charm and beauty, so last Saturday we took a drive up to Carlingford.

We stopped at Ballagan Point (we think) and looked for rocks. Then we proceeded to Carlingford for lunch. There were far fewer folks in town than we found during our visits last Spring. We lunched on chowder and chips and Dad and Bill shared a plate of oysters. We strolled the streets a bit viewing the various medieval sites.

On the way back to Dublin we stopped by to visit my work mate Colin and his dogs.

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mom Gunter said...

Gorgeous pictures again and my kids look fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! Tell Collin hello for me when you see him again. I'm looking forward now to pictures from Italy!! Have fun!!!! I believe Charles was enjoying those oysters!!!!!!