Saturday, December 20, 2008

Goodbye Pisa

Our wonderfully sunny Monday in Pisa was to be the loveliest weather we would see for several days.

Tuesday morning after breakfast at the hotel, we took a stroll through a nearby food market.

Dad bought some prosciutto and cheese from a local vendor. We think the prosciutto was made from an heirloom Tuscan pig, Cinta Senese, crossed with wild boar. At any rate, it was yummy crossed with delicious. The cheeses were a creamy blue and a Pecorino Toscano.

He also learned that merchants are protective of their squash blossoms. Seriously, the guy is in the process of telling Dad not to touch the blossoms. We think.

The supplies we bought would come in very handy later in our trip.

Around noon we rented a car and set out for Lucca, a 45-minute drive North.


mom Gunter said...

That expression on that man's face watching your dad man handle the squash blossom is priceless!!!!!!!!!

Charles said...

That was the only really unpleasent Italian I encountered. BTW Peggy, I didn't manhandle the squash - I handled it tenderly. Bill had told me that people stuff the blossoms with fillings. I was just curious since I had never seen zucchini with blossoms before. I guess if I had bought some he might have been nicer.

The vendor and wife were very nice but could not speak English so I just pointed. Note in the bottom left of that picture is "Lardo" - I had some later and really like it - it is smoked but looks like solidified pork fat.

mom Gunter said...

It's a cute picture any way Charles. It is one of those rare shots that end up winning awards for the photographer. I have really enjoyed your adventures.