Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To Donegal

We were thrilled to have visitors over the Easter weekend. Rebecca and Scot arrived on Thurs, April 9. We had dinner Thursday night at The Winding Stair, and Friday we set out for a quick trip to Donegal, the Northernmost county in Ireland. Even farther North than Northern Ireland. We heard varying accounts of how long it would take to get there, but found consensus that it's a long drive for a one night's stay. But, we are Americans and are not afraid of a little road trip.

We enjoyed our stay in the lovely Frewin house in Ramelton. We had arranged to have dinner there, and that turned out to be a great idea as many restaurants are closed on Good Friday, one of two days in the year that alcohol cannot be sold. On Saturday we set out for some scenery, and County Donegal delivered generously. We drove around the Fanad Peninsula to the Fanad Head Lighthouse and back through Doon. We stopped for lunch at a pub in Kerrykeel. And we saw a lot of lambs.

In case you were wondering. It took 5 hours to get there with a stop for lunch and a bit of traffic, and only 3 to return.


mom Gunter said...

Oh! The pictures are breath taking!!! I love this!

jenn said...

Wow, the pictures you took are gorgeous!

I would love to go there some day!

Sophie said...

The pictures look beautiful! What a lovely place to visit!