Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wild Garlic

Today Bill found some wild garlic. (I won't say where!) He sauteed the bulbs, leaves and flowers, and served it on bread with our gazpacho for dinner, along with some olives, manchego and salchichon from Spain. The wild garlic definitely smells garlicky. The taste is fairly mild. The greens would have tasted stronger a month ago, but the flavor moves into the flowers as the plants grow. Wild boar and bears are fans.

Bill's i
n the kitchen at the moment making wild garlic and almond pesto.


mom Gunter said...

I have never seen anything like you two!!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing!
It was absolutely wonderful talking to ya'll today! Boy! The connection was good!

Charles said...

Looks like produce from the Commons! Bill will be putting out a guide to edible plants in the wild.