Sunday, September 6, 2009

Life on the Farm

We arrived at Skerlj farm around 2:00 on Wednesday. Our day had started 11 hours earlier, so we decided to pass the afternoon at the pool. From the moment we stepped off the plane in Treviso, we were bathed in warm sunshine. We didn't eat a single meal indoors until we were back at the airport.

After a dip and some poolside reading, we took a nap. After our wonderful meal, we sat on the patio outside our room in the lovely evening.

Thursday we enjoyed a breakfast of fresh fruit, bread, honey, cheese and pršut and a daily baked fig item. All our meals were enjoyed under a grape arbor laden with grapes. After breakfast we visited the rabbit hutch and peeked in on our pig neighbors. We walked down the hill past grape vines and peach, fig and plum trees. Veggie patches were planted in any available spot. The chicory patch was clipped in places--last night's salad most likely! We walked to a church down the hill and sat in the cool breeze and enjoyed the view. I could have spent the entire day there with some bread, cheese, a jug of wine and a book.

See more pics in the slide show below:

We walked through the small village and back up the hill to our lodging. That afternoon we headed out for a drive to Idrija.


mom Gunter said...

This is awsome ! Absolutely love the pictures and your wonderful writing! Thank you bunches!

Charles said...

Thanks for the farm pictures. The big figs look good. We had a fig tree in Dickinson but birds did most of the harvesting. The pigs seemed to be housed more fancily than pigs on farms I had seen.