Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another can of beans

Okay, now this is just getting weird. I was in the Tesco in Clare Hall last night (a miserable experience, btw, as only the self-checkout lanes were open and none of them worked properly) and they're selling Epicure organic mung beans for €10.30! I'm beginning to think this is not a simple data-entry error.

Regarding the previous cans of beans, they're still on the shelf at Omni Park. I'm going to check out the Tescos in Artane and Kilbarrack soon.


lisa said...

This is getting interesting. I'm enjoying 'the case of the overpriced beans.' Keep on sleuthing.

BillG said...

I escalated it to

Seems Tesco has made a habit of multiplying prices by 10!

mom Gunter said...

I just realized this was a different post from your original bean post. This really is weird!