Monday, November 19, 2007

Lamb Report: To Scotland

Our intrepid travelers, Charles and Celia, depart from London today bound for Edinburgh. Highlights of the past week include Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, Windsor Castle and the Victoria and Albert Museum. We expect them back in Dublin on Thursday.

Charles at Windsor Castle

Celia admires Henry VIII armor

View from the Eye


mom Gunter said...

I love the pictures. Your mom and dad look great Sharon and I know they are having fun.

Are you having the traditional turkey dinner for Thanksgiving on Thursday for your mom and dad or something more Irish?

Sharon said...

Well, since our chef has to work on Thursday, we're postponing our Thanksgiving celebration. Bill and I will have a traditional dinner, or as traditional as we can get, but it may be sometime in December. Mom and Dad brought me a can of cranberry sauce, and cornmeal for dressing.

mom Gunter said...

Joel and I will be going to Danny's for Thanksgiving. Joel is coming up Thursday morning and staying with me and he will go back to Montgomery on Friday. Teresa, Layne, and Tiffany will stay the whole weekend at Teresa's mothers. Tiffany has her own apartment now so things are better for Joel and Teresa. Tiffany and Layne live real close by though.