Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lamb Report: London

Mom and Dad arrived in London on Monday after flying ryanair from Cork. Their hotel room is tiny, but has really nice towels. After a light dinner of salmon, avocado and prawn antipasto and soup, they retired early to bed.

On Tuesday they toured the city by bus and the Thames by boat, in addition to walking almost six miles. (In contrast, I walked no miles on Tuesday. In fact, I did not even leave the apartment!) I told Mom after our climbs to the Cork Gaol and the top of Blarney that she was rated for any tourist activity. My left thigh hurt for two days after Blarney.

Celia and the Tower Bridge

Charles and the Eye


bro lamb said...

I want to see a picture of those towels. Dad raved about them too.
I threw away two jars of peanut butter last week just because I was tired of looking at them. Love, c

mom Gunter said...

I tried 3 times to post a comment yesterday but it wouldn't go. I finally set up a n account again. I loved this. Charles and Celia are so cute! I also would love to see those towels. The pictures are GREAT!! Keep them coming!