Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bye Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad had a few days to recuperate before heading back home. On Monday, November 17, we dined on tagliatelle al tartufo followed by cantuccini and Vin Santo we brought back from Tuscany.

On Tuesday, they headed in to town for a last bit of shopping, and then on Wednesday boarded a plane back to Arkansas.

We had a great time and Mom and Dad packed quite a bit into their month abroad. We were sad to see them go, but didn't have much time to be lonely as more exciting visitors from the US were to arrive on Friday.


Charles said...

We really enjoyed our month abroad! We hope things will work out to visit again next Fall. We had better get our reservation requests in at the Gunter B & B.

I experienced incipient umbrage opon reading "more exciting visitors" were coming. Then I realized that Sharon meant the NEXT exciting visitors were coming.

mom Gunter said...

That is quite a mouthful that Bill has there.

Your mom looks so cute and maybe a tad chilly!

Sharon said...

Sorry Dad. I should have been more careful with my word choice. Indeed, I meant additional exciting visitors.