Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today at Work

Me: I'm going to go run an errand.
Coworker: Oh, you're going to get the messages.*
Me: Yeah.
Coworker: You have funny little words for things.
Me: Errand?
Coworker: Yes.
Me: You think errand is funnier than messages.
Coworker: Yeah.
We both laugh.
Me: Well, we'll leave it at that then.

*According to Wikipedia: Messages means groceries or errands. She's gone to the shop to get the messages. I had a few messages to do in town.


mom Gunter said...

That's cute Sharon.

Heather said...


Holly said...

Your man told me to get the messages. (Have I got it?)

melanie magee said... can i leave a message?
i need to be up on the irish lingo.. great blog. renee prescott told me about it..

Sharon said...

Yes Holly, I think your lingo is correct, but I'm not sure why some guy would tell you to buy groceries. :)

Hi Melanie! Good to hear from you!

Heather said...

What if I leave Scott a message to get the messages on his way home? If messages are groceries or errands are they still also messages? I also feel the need to be hip to the Irish lingo.

KevinB said...

Ha Ha Ha. That was hilarious. Errands makes a lot more sense than messages. Irish people are funny. :)