Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Down Kerbey Lane

With Kevin and Andrea in town, we've rhapsodized about Austin eateries more than usual. Tonight, Bill made a Dublin version of Kerbey Lane Eggs Francisco. Mighty good grub. No hibiscus tea, however.


mom Gunter said...

I am impressed!!!!!!!!!! That is a beautiful plate of food. Isn't that fried potatoes with onions and it looks like pinto beans? What is that on top of the eggs???????? That is prettier than anything I have seen in a restaurant!!!

BillG said...

Thanks, Mom. Those are black beans, and the eggs are topped with queso, avocado, bacon, tomatoes and scallions. Pretty tasty.

mom Gunter said...

I would love that!!!!!!!!! Boy! do I ever love your black beans Bill! I made them right after I got home and now I am hungry for them again. I wish I could give you some of my squash and cucumbers. They are really coming in. The string beans are about ready to pick and the tomato plants are loaded. It is supposed to be 93 here today.