Thursday, June 19, 2008

Teaser Shots

Hello everyone,

Here are a few pics to keep you checking back to learn more about our trip to France.

-the mgmt


mom Gunter said...

You all look WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!! I see Kevin has grown facial hair like the Bill!!!! I sure would like to hear the story behind the first pic Sharon!!!!!!!! That is some expression you have on your face.

I am very dirty and tired. I mowed the yard and tilled the garden after I got home from vacation Bible school today. One more day to go!!!! I ate my first cucumber today. The vines are loaded. I have 5 squash about ready to pick and I also picked my first egg plant today. I'm watering the garden right now.

Keep those pictures coming. I'm also sending all four of you a big hug!!!!!!!

Charles said...

Sharon, that is not a proper "hook-em-horns" sign.

That chateau would sure be a nice summer home.