Sunday, October 28, 2007

extra vacation

We're sitting in an internet cafe in Kilkenny. Bill planned a great get-away for our first bank holiday weekend. Everything started off well, at least the first hour or so until our car starting making a horrible grinding sound. It's some clutch-related malady. We made it into Kilkenny, after every garage had closed for the day on Saturday, of course, and a mobile mechanic we found was full up. Everything will be shut down until Tuesday, so we think we'll be here until then and hopefully the car can be repaired and we'll make it back Tuesday night. Well, we will be back to Dublin Tues night, car or no car, because we have very important visitors arriving Wed morning and I have a job interview.

So, Kilkenny is a cool city. Lots of ancient buildings, nice restaurants and cool shops. Our primary reason for making the trip was to attend the Irish Conker Championships. We'll have to take a taxi, but we're not missing the conkers.


Charles said...

Conker link didn't work. Page was blank.

Sharon, after not being real fan of sports in US, why are you suddenly such a conkers fan? Next you'll be following soccer.
Where did I go wrong in raising you?

mom Gunter said...

What is a conker Sharon?????????????? Poor Mom G doesn't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather said...

Good luck with your car, and enjoy your time in Kilkenny. Scott and I have been enjoying your blog.

Have fun watching the nuts

Sharon said...

I fixed the Conker link. I wouldn't call Conkers a sport exactly, more like a game. Rest assured Dad, you succeeded in turning me off sports.

mom Gunter said...

Is conker like checkers or chess?????

What is the weather like there? It has turned a lot cooler in Huntsville. 60's in the daytime and 50's at night. really great!

Hope you get that car fixed.

Send a picture from the conker game or whatever.

Love ya'll

Kevin said...

How were the championships? Did you get a shirt or just cheer for 'The Threecastles Conkerers' According to the results, they tore up. Was it exciting when the conker exploded? Did you guys cheer or was it boring?
How is the car? We just took Andrea's car to the shop because it makes a really loud and annoying sound in the morning.

BillG said...

A conker is another name for the nut of the horse-chestnut tree. In conker the game two players take turns hitting threaded conkers together. The first to break the other's conker wins. It's actually pretty exciting to watch. Well, it's more exciting than it sounds, at least.