Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What we've been eating

Pub Grub

Some pubs offer a carvery. Usually a few meats and sides. Bill's lunch here: roast beef, mashed potato, roast potato and veg, and stuffing I think.

Also from the carvery, I had tomato quiche, chips and slaw.

Last week we ate at a very nice Indian place in Swords (a town just up the M1) called Agni. Here are our appetizers:

At a sandwich place, Diet Coke served in coffee mugs with nary an ice cube.


Julie said...

This looks very delicious. I'm hungry... Would like to be there with you sometime. Enjoying keeping up with you through the blog. Looks like you're getting along fine and enjoying exploring everything. We miss you.
Julie O.

Lisa said...

Mmmm, chips.

Jessica said...

No ice! I remember that from my travels over there. All I can say is get used to it! Sorry.

Ken R said...

I recall fondly the inverse of this story with my French uncle going on and on about how horrified he was at the amount of ice we americans put in our drinks! Ha ha! I guess it is all a question of what you are used to!