Saturday, December 8, 2007

All Aboard!

Our church in Austin, River of Life, invited us to send a video to show at their Christmas Party/Talent Night which was held last evening. We tried to capture some sights and sounds of Dublin, which we thought you might all enjoy. This is a fairly low res version. Sorry, film aficionados!

And now, let's ride the train!


Jered said...


My favorite parts:

Sharon disappearing as the train approached (1:59)
Bill's pensivity (2:38-2:49)
Sharon's pensivity (3:28-3:38)

This was quintessential Gunter. We are thoroughly enjoying following your adventures.

mom Gunter said...

I am so happy I checked your blog. That is the cutest video I have ever seen. I just called Danny and Sharon and told them to watch it. Both Danny and Joel are following your adventures and loving them. Joel told me to tell you that even if he isn't writing he is watching your blog and loving it.

MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gunter said...

Another Sharon,

Hey! Danny and I saw your video and enjoyed it. I think there is another career opportunity there for the two of you. We miss you, but having the blog seems like you are close. Take care.

BillG said...

Thanks, y'all. Can you believe we got all this footage in one take? I was worried were we going to have to buy ten tickets or something but it all worked out.

mom Gunter said...

It was absolutely GREAT hon. It sure made my day!!!!!!!!!

Jered said...

All this and you didn't even have to borrow, I mean change your mind within 30 days about, equipment from Fry's.

Charles said...

Bill's recent acting experience in the Sam Bass Theatre of Round Rock obviously contibuted to his acting (pensivity - I like that word). Sharon did OK as a nonprofessional.

You forgot to caution, "Mind the Gap!" when stepping onto the train.

Celia and I already miss y'all and Dublin.