Saturday, December 22, 2007

Goodies from the US

Bill's mom sent us a package of goodies from the US. Mmm, tasty US goodness. Thanks, Mom!

With this influx of ingredients, we'll be able to soothe our palates with the following familiarities:
  • sausage balls--we'll have to experiment with mince pork since Jimmy Dean-style breakfast sausage doesn't exist here
  • Rotel cheese dip--Does Calvita share the meltable and chip-dippable qualities of Velveeta? We'll find out!
  • cocktail sauce--The Irish love their prawns, but they eat them with a Marie Rose sauce made from ketchup and mayonnaise; Bill makes a great cocktail sauce with chili sauce and prepared horseradish (which I hope we can find)
  • things dipped in ranch dressing
  • tex-mexi things made with green chilies and chipotles
It's interesting how just knowing you can't buy something creates a desire for it. What I wouldn't do for a Fresca!


Jered said...

Nice shipment. When I lived in Brazil (94-95) one of the happiest days was when I received a package with creamy peanut butter, a package with marshmallows and a bunch of Kool Aid.

Bridget said...

Hello and Happy New Year from cold and frosty Cincinnati Ohio.

A reader has just moved from the USA to Dublin and needs to find prepared horseradish. Were you able to find any?

Many thanks in advance and all the best,