Friday, December 7, 2007

The Beach

Debbie mentioned the other day that I haven't posted any pictures of the coast near our apartment. We're just one block from the causeway that leads out to Bull Island. Bull Island is a new island, as islands go. It started forming about 200 years ago when the first sea wall was built in Dublin Bay, causing sand to accumulate. As development of Dublin Harbour continued throughout the 19th century, sandbanks continued to grow and eventually began to support sea grass and other wildlife. Bull Island is now a nature reserve.

Bull Island

My parents and I walked out the beach, or strand, one afternoon. The area between the coast and the island is marshy, and you climb over some dunes to reach the strand. The island also has car access. The beach is sandy, and reminds me of Galveston (i.e., Florida need not worry--although Ireland is not prone to hurricanes). We saw dogs frolicking in the surf and kids throwing a football, or rugby ball, or something. The strand is quite popular in the summer and is a favorite spot for kite surfing. I'll definitely post some pics if I become a kite surfer.


Charles said...

The water there is about 20 degrees F colder than at Galveston and no mountains in the background on Galveston Island. Note in the last picture there is an ocean-going vessel in the background headed into the Dublin port.

I wonder if they swim there in summer.

It is 76 here in Arkansas today - probably warmer than Dublin.

We made it home with the razor clam shell we picked up that day.

Charles said...

Celia says: I remember that day with happiness. It didn't rain! And, we enjoyed walking on the beech.

mom Gunter said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures Sharon and I loved the way you described everything.