Sunday, December 23, 2007

Little Drummer Boy

Here's a holiday treat from the heartland. I asked Kevin and Andrea if I could post some of the video they sent to the ROL Christmas party. I think you'll find this makes your Christmas just that much better. It stars Kevin, Andrea and their son Trevor (a prodigy as you'll see), and features a boldly enigmatic and taciturn performance by everyone's favorite beagle, Toblerone.

Trevor turned 1 on the 21st. Happy Birthday Trevor!


mom Gunter said...

Happy Birthday Trevor and Merry Christmas! I believe you are going to be a musician. I don't think Tob cares for drums though. Tell mommy and daddy and Tob I said merry Christmas to them too.

Charles said...

The little drummer boy was amazingly good and Andrea and Kevin sounded good. The enigmatic beagle seemed to endure most of it pretty well.

Happy New Year to all, wherever you are!

bockelmama said...

Ah, thank you, Sharon for posting a video that features two not so impressive talents: my singing and amature camera-work!

Did we mention that Tob's presence in the video was unprompted? She knows excitement when she see it. A well-trained party dog, kudos to B & S.