Saturday, December 22, 2007

Everything to make mole

We finally went to the Epicurean Foodhall off Abbey St. tonight after some last minute Christmas shopping. We had heard that there's a Mexican place there. It's called Taco Taco, and for Ireland it's pretty authentic. We had a couple molletes (Mexican sandwiches) which were pretty tasty, but the most exciting discovery was a rack of Mexican foodstuffs.If you look closely you can see bags of Maseca masa harina. For €14. That's $21. We actually found some "maize flour" at a Chinese grocery of all places for much cheaper, but the existence of actual masa harina in Dublin is very exciting. I asked one of the workers if I could find dried chiles in Dublin and he drew me a map to a gourmet grocery that has "everything to make mole." We think it's Fallon and Byrne on Exchequer St. We'll find out soon. Very soon.

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Charles said...

I had seen The Celtic Women on PBS TV and thought they were in the Felix Theatre in Dublin, but now I am sure it was the Helix. Sounds like fun.

We just had the famous Chick-a-Dilly #10 after a glorious church service. Today's service stressed ringers and orchetra, which did a beautiful "Cristmas Eve Sarajevo." The choir did a classical medley of Handel's Messiah, which I have told everyone was first performed in Dublin before London, or wherever.

We hope Mama Joy's cornbread dressing recipe is a hit Christmas day.